Erik Estrada

Los Jardines NA

Jessica Ann Garcia

Prospect Hill NA

Richard Garcia

Memorial Heights NA

Carol Hall

Community Workers Council NA

Teri Kilmer

Loma Park NA

Velma Pena

Westwood Square NA

Pastor Shawn Price

West End Hope in Action NA

Eiginio Rodriguez

Loma Vista NA

Karen Speer

Collins Garden NA

Gabriel Velasquez

Avenida Guadelupe NA

Christina Balli

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

Antonia Castañeda

Westside Preservation Alliance

Dr. Emilio Castro

Edgewood ISD

Jaime Macias

West Commerce Business Alliance

Hestroverto Martinez

Edgewood ISD Represenative

Diane Melby

Our Lady of the Lake University

Honorable Patti Radle

Inner City Development

Keli Rosa

San Anto Cultural Arts

Graciela Sanchez

Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

Lori Hall / David Casso

San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA)

Brian Mast / Jamie Taylor

San Antonio River Authority (SARA)

Christina Castano-Bradshaw


Santiago Jaramillo

VIA (Alternate)

Carissa Cox

Principle Planner, Mosaic

Chris Ryerson

Planning Administrator & Project Manager,
City of San Antonio

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The SA Tomorrow Plan

San Antonio is planning boldly to ensure our great City captures the type of growth and economic development that will lead our community into the future and provide benefits to all our residents. Visit this website to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan and what we’re doing to make San Antonio a diverse and thriving community.